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Smart Switch Setup

CT2 and HD1.5 Tower Assembly


Seed Planting

HD1 Tower Assembly

CT1 Tower Assembly

Seed Setup

Seed Starter Propagation Kit Set Up

Wyze Smart Switch Set-Up

Lights: 16 hours of light per day (ex. 6am-10pm). A schedule can be set after selecting rules in the wyze app.

Pump: 10 minutes on per hour. To achieve this, you will need to set up two device triggers through the rules. First, the trigger should be looking to see if the pump has been off for 50 minutes and then it should be set to turn the pump on. Next, a trigger should be set to see if the pump has been on for 10 minutes then should turn the pump off. This cycle will then continue endlessly!
See the screenshots below. Just make sure to identify which outlet the lights and pump are connected to by manually turning on and off each in the wyze app.


The system should ideally be pulled apart and cleaned at least twice a year, but may need to more often depending on the plants you intend to grow and how expansive their root systems become. The tower pieces may be hand washed with soap and a mild bleach solution or placed in the dishwasher if you take care to turn off the heated dry cycle. The material we use, PETG, may deform at higher temperatures around 80c which is usually the upper limit of most home dishwashers, thus the heat cycle should be avoided.


  • Lighting System
    • Ensure that the power cord is connected to side of the led bulb with writing. The opposite end of the bulb (without writing) is unpowered.
    • The tower power cord must be unplugged when plugging in and removing the white light power cords.
    • Do not pull on the white power cord wires to remove them from the bulb. You must pull on the white plastic to avoid pulling the wires out.
    • The light bulbs are glass!!! Handle with care to avoid injury!
  • Do not attempt to move the tower unless it is empty. The tower can weigh >30 lbs when full and you run the risk of damaging it or creating a mess.
  • Not for outdoor usage. Even though the pump and smart switch are outdoor rated, the lights are not!
  • Growing large plants in the unit could cause it to become unstable and tip over.
  • Place on level ground. 
  • Do not run the submersible pump without water.