The Hydro Tower® Hydroponic Gardening Tower for 36 Plants with Integrated Lighting and Watering Systems (HD1.5 Model)


The Low Down

This is the hydroponics system you've all been waiting for. 100% engineered, iterated, and produced in The USA. We did the design dirty work so you can keep your hands clean. Frustrated by the high cost of other systems, we quite literally built our unit from the ground up. Our goal was to create a full-fledged system, lighting and all, that would cause our customers to look twice.

The reservoir holds three gallons of the nutrient solution mixture which is pumped throughout the system, giving all 36 plants a little group shower. The HD1.5 model is an improvement to our original tower that comes with a complete lighting system to give your little friends the much-deserved rays they need while only taking up a 14 X 14 inch square of floor space and rising five and a half feet vertically.

We take the hard work out of growing.


Our unique design can be assembled in under 20 minutes without the use of any tools. For ease of shipping and storage, the vertical tower comes in six pieces with six plant spaces per segment allowing you to grow up to 36 plants per unit depending on their size. Smaller plants such as herbs can be grown in close proximity to each other while larger plants will need to be spaced and some growing spaces avoided and plugged with the included plugs to ensure full growth. Details can be found in the getting started section on our website. This allows full flexibility in choosing what to grow.

Each tower is birthed through a custom manufacturing process located in The USA. To keep our beautiful aesthetics, we utilize multiple manufacturing methods such as 3D printing. This gives the unit a rugged, industrial look. 

What's Included?

  • The HD1.5 Hydroponic Grow Tower with three-gallon reservoir base
  • Lighting system with four clear glass full-spectrum white led bulbs
  • Low-noise submersible circulation pump
  • Wifi-enabled smart switch
  • 40 rockwool growing media cubes
  • 36 net cups
  • 36 stem covers to prevent algae
  • 12 grow hole plugs
  • Nutrient blend starter

Product Dimension

  • Empty Weight: 16 lbs
  • 14 ” x 14” x 64.5” (L x W x H)

What can I grow?

  • At Hydroponic Designs, we like instant gratification. You will get the quickest harvests from herbs and leafy vegetables! You will also find success with peppers, tomatoes, and even some fruits like strawberries.
  • We have some preselected seed samplers of our favorite hydroponic plants available!
  • Keep in mind this is a tower and is not exempt from the forces of gravity. Trying to grow large heavy items can cause the tower to tip. If you are so inclined to grow larger items, place them in the lowest possible slot nearest to the ground.

What shouldn't I grow?

  • We do not recommend growing root vegetables as they could damage the system during growth (beets, carrots, potatoes, turnips, radishes, etc.)

Disclaimers: This item is for Indoor use only. Placing it outdoors will run the risk of electrocution and weather damage as the LED bulbs and lighting unit are not water-resistant. The tower can become unstable with a risk of tipping if subjected to wind. We recommend that the unit be placed on solid ground (wood floor, tile, etc) as opposed to carpet or other soft materials for stability. While the tower is not expected to leak, spills can occur (during filling or with pump malfunction. Yes, it's happened to us before). Place it somewhere you wouldn't be upset if a spill occurs. Please think twice about tipping hazards associated with the unit and keep them out of reach of children and pets.

The tower requires one standard outlet (Yup, that's it. The wifi switch powers the lights and pump while only occupying one outlet).

 International shipping or custom orders? Shoot us a message at!

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